Get Fit. Whole Body Motivation

Morgan Schmelzer



Hi, my name is Morgan, I’m a mother to my daughter Dayton, 17 and my son Jaikob, 20. My passion for training teens came from watching my kids play several sports throughout their childhood and high school years. I watched in frustration at the lack of injury prevention training, strength training, nutritional information, and emotional support available to these young athletes. I never had the desire to coach a specific sport per se, but I did want to connect and work with teen athletes on a different level.

I love to work privately with each athlete so we can focus on strengths and weakness for everyone. Being a strength and conditioning coach with a strong focus on injury prevention, sports recovery, and nutrition, allows me to build better, stronger, more effective athletes. I originally started my journey in health and fitness about 15yrs ago. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and IBS. After growing up with a very unhealthy lifestyle, I became very ill in my early 20’s. These conditions which I have managed for the last 14 yrs through lifestyle alone are what lead me to the natural world of health and fitness. My passion was born. 

As I immersed myself in knowledge to my newborn lifestyle, I quickly had the desire to share with others in hopes to impact their lives as I had my own. I became a nutritionist 12yrs ago and went on to become a certified personal trainer and business owner 6yrs ago. I am currently adding to my arsenal by becoming a certified life coach. Working with teens and adults at becoming the very best version of themselves is my passion.

I stand very true to my values as a Natural Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer. Being a positive role model, trusted coach and motivator, offering support, I will continue to change lives, build athletes and motivate them always to do their very best, pushing past their comfort zone all while listening to their bodies. Whole Body Motivation is truly committed to helping others “get healthy from the inside and out.”